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Since 2018, we’ve been taking visitors and locals alike to a new level of insight and understanding of our fascinating capital city, via perhaps the broadest and most imaginative tours range Edinburgh has ever seen!

We started out with just two very different half-day tours – our signature 7 Hills of Edinburgh Adventure, and our Art Deco buildings trail.

Since then, our range has been growing fast, and we now offer a fabulous range of private walking and vehicle tours, from songs and stories in the Old Town, to full-day excursions into subjects as diverse as the First World War, Medical History and Mary, Queen of Scots. We’ve also created ONE PERFECT EDINBURGH DAY – a fully customised tour based round what YOU want! Though our approach is highly personal, we can also provide tours on a larger scale, with our coach transport partner, CHARLOTTE TRAVEL. For instance, our tours can be fantastic additions to your conference, or wedding weekend.

With 2 seasons of solid 5* reviews, we think we must be doing something right!

7 Hills Tours Audio Walks

The advent of Covid has changed everything of course, and, though our in-person tours are suspended until Spring 2021, we’ve developed the idea of AUDIO WALKS. First we created a series of free audio tracks in several languages to use at home with Google Street View; now that Edinburgh is reopening, these free tracks make great walking guides, and we’ve built on the experience to create a full-length, deep dive Audio Walk, the DEEP DIVE ROYAL MILE, that delves into the history of the next section of the Royal Mile.

On all the walks, we’ve tried to distil the 7 Hills Tours approach – friendly, deep, insightful, and entertaining. Plus, enhancing the immersive atmosphere is the wonderful celtic-flavoured music of KEVIN MACLEOD.

If you’re already in Edinburgh, why not sample our free Audio Walks tomorrow morning?

Or, if you’re planning your trip for 2021, why not browse our fantastic range of private tours and get in touch?


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edinburgh royal mile street view



Why not enjoy our series of free Audio tours of the top section of Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile? Starting outside our iconic Edinburgh Castle, we take you deep into the history of the upper Royal Mile, picking up historical clues from the buildings we pass. Whether you’re at home, or lucky enough to be with us in Edinburgh, the tours work either virtually, or as real-life walking tours!


If you’re at home, simply play the track, with Google Street View open in a second window. If you’re in Edinburgh already, you can either play the track directly from the site, or download.


The tracks fit together, and can all be done within one fascinating half-day!

Episode 1 - The Castle and Esplanade - starting point Castle Esplanade, in front of Castle gate

Episode 2 - Castlehill - starting point Castle Esplanade, looking down Royal Mile

Episode 3 - The Upper Bow to Cowgate - starting point foot of Castlehill

Episode 4 - The Lawnmarket - starting point foot of Castlehill

Grateful thanks to Kevin Macleod for permission to use his music under creative commons.
Soundtrack – “Hidden Past”,”Teller of the Tales”,”Sneaky Snitch”,”Anguish”,”Moonlight Hall”,”Lord of the Land”,”Pippin the Hunchback”,”With the Sea”,”Errigal”,”Evening Fall(Harp)”,”Finding Movement”,”Moorland”,Skye Cuillin”,”The Other Side of the Door”,”Angevin B”,”Myst”,”Ritual”,”Unanswered Questions”,”Barbour and Beag’s Jigs”,”Enchanted Journey”,”Am Bata Uaine (The Green Boat)”,”The Path of the Goblin King” – Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


From St Giles’ Cathedral to Tron Kirk


We’re delighted to bring you the ultimate audio walking tour of the Royal Mile’s most famous section! Created in the style of the free tours, we go deeper into Scottish history, mixing the big topics like Church, Law and State with funny and little-known anecdotes of Old Edinburgh from deep in our historic records. You’ll meet the characters, and hear about the moments that make Edinburgh’s history so very special!


The track is 95 minutes long, but we would suggest taking at least 2-3 hours, with refreshment breaks!

Tour price  (MP3 download) – £8.50

Soundtrack  (additional) – “Falls of Glomach and Balmacara”,”Fingal’s Weeping”,”Seaforth’s 9/8 Pipe Retreat Marches”,”Pavane”,”The Bloody Fields of Flanders”,”Sovereign Quarter”,”John McColl’s March Set”,”On the Passing of Time”, “Windswept”,”Waltz from Orsa”,”Resignation”,”Robert MacDonald’s Schottisches”,”Seaforth Set”,”Slieve NaMban”,”Danse Morialta”,”Cancion Mixteca”- Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Let us take you even further into Scotland’s story on our full-day tours!


Insightful and entertaining half-day walks for up to 15 guests, through Edinburgh’s historic Old Town!

what our customers say

‘We really enjoyed our Art Deco tour and very much appreciated the depth of your knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject’ (R.J., Edinburgh)

‘This was a super tour, in a high quality bus, with a dedicated driver and a knowledgeable and friendly guide.’
(G.J, West Linton, Scotland)

‘Spectacular views and engaging history’ (M.D., Kentucky)

‘What a beautiful tour. The views from the various hills throughout Edinburgh are breathtaking.’ (T.B., Fresno, California)

‘I’d recommend these tours to anyone wanting a local treat, or for any summer visitors wanting to get to know Edinburgh in a unique way.’ (R.P., West Linton, Scotland)

‘I can’t say enough good things about Moray, or the day. It was truly something I’ll never forget’ (A.J., California)

‘Intimate tour of Edinburgh’s wilder places. We learnt so much about the city, and Scotland’s history, geology, and much more. A fascinating off the beaten track insight to Edinburgh complete with a top scone stop!’ (F.M, Aultbea, Scotland)


We were delighted to host top Scotland travel blogger KAY GILLESPIE, @ChaoticScot, for a grand tour of the 7 Hills of Edinburgh! Read Kay’s brilliant blog post, as well has her other great work, by clicking the button!

(Please note that the tour is currently only available on a private, rather than ticket-by-ticket basis)